Fees Collection Software

Fees Collection & Student Management is now easy. Listed below is our cost effective and easy computerized solution for collecting fees for schools, colleges, universities, institutes, coaching classes, etc. Good bye to manual fees receipts and registers.

RFTP for Educational Institutes:
RFTP is a browser based innovative application that helps you collect fees, print fees receipts, maintain records of fees collected and view payments due from students and more, at the click of a button.

As a result you save on time, man power and trouble of maintaining fees registers, calculating fees to be taken, writing out receipts, fees cards, totalling daily collection and most importantly reduces the chances of human errors or mal practices.

Student contact details can also be accessed quickly and this comes handy incase of emergencies.

How does it work?

1. RFTP is installed by our engineers on a computer in your premises for use by the fees collecting clerk. Optionally it can even be installed on the internet as a website. All student information is then fed into RFTP which is a one time process.

2. Parents or Students pay their fees due by providing their name & class info to the clerk.

3. The clerk enters the student info into RFTP and is presented with the studentís payment history, option to pay pending fees and print a receipt cum fees card for the fees paid.


The whole process of fees collection is much faster with RFTP compared to the traditional method of reviewing the fees register for unpaid fees, calculating fees to be taken, writing a receipt, updating the fees card, entering the fees collected information into the fees register and totaling receipt amounts to find the days collection. List of students with fees due is also automatically prepared by RFTP. List of students in a class or their contact details can also be viewed / printed at any time.


The software is available for as low as Indian Rs.3,000/- (US $70). The price would vary based on the number of students you have. To get a quotation, please contact our online customer service team.

Free DEMO of Student Management & Fees Collection Software